The Lazy Way

Lazy is inside all of us. It’s defined by time we’ve earned for ourselves.

To reflect and recharge after an intense day’s work. To be idle in a world that never slows. To indulge in a little chill and mellowness that has no expectations, no goals, and no guilt.

These are the principles LAF Goods is founded upon. We strive for a life filled to the brim with experiences — meaningful work, daring adventures, and unplanned debauchery with friends. Always going, always doing, always challenging, and never settling for the mundane.

Living life to its fullest earns a little lazy. The body requires rest and stillness. The mind needs space to wander and decompress.  We all need Ferris Bueller's Day Off. 

There’s reason to celebrate lazy-days, lounging, and comfortable relaxation — our existence is overwhelmed with to-do’s, stressors, digital connectivity, and the constant nag that we should be doing something lest we fall behind… Getting away from that noise is absolutely necessary.

Whats wrong with doing a little nothing? Hell, whats wrong with doing a lot of nothing? The Art Of Lazy is the act of living with purpose and lazying with purpose. We believe in the power of both. Prioritizing time to accomplish tasks is just as important as prioritizing time to accomplish nothing. How can we ever be thankful of our accomplishments, or plan to reach new goals, without time for presence and thought? True creativity, gratefulness, and understanding stem from undistracted leisure and an unburdened mind.

Unshackle yourself from the onslaught of stimulus. Take a little time for you. This isn’t living for the weekend — its living for yourself each and every day. Whether its meditation, a walk, Netflix, a surf, a hike, or simply listening to music — make time for your lazy. Relish in the freedom. Explore the possibilities.

We believe in the value of time… Time spent on you. Time to just, be.

Go forth. Live fearlessly and lazy boldly.

This is lazy, redefined.