Stay Busy To Stay Safe

Busy is safe…
Busy is hirable.
Busy looks good on paper.
Busy is a revolving sense of accomplishment to proudly show others.
Busy is societal pressure.
Busy is free of investigation.
Busy’s influence is all-encompassing — carving out a massive portion of our time to bend to its whims.

The dogged pursuit of busy is a construct of man. We follow and chase busy mindlessly. Deeming it necessary and worthwhile. Never challenging it. Never peaking behind the curtain of its facade to understand it.

Lazy is risky.

Inviting some purposeful lazy can be dangerous. Consider it a conscious choice to leave busy behind and accept some lazy as a necessary precursor to getting real shit done.

If you give your mind freedom to roam you may forever change your relationship with busy…
You may no longer hide from the thoughts your brain so desperately wants you to pay attention to.
You may realize you want more out of life.
You may realize you never check-in with yourself.
You may want something different.
You may understand the importance of time trumps the importance of busy.

With this in mind, it’s time to stop chasing the carrot of busy without tackling the existential dilemmas that torture us. ts time to let the mind wander. Its time to be present and pay attention.

Freeing yourself from the prison of busy is a scary endeavor. It means you have to confront your thoughts and ideas head-on. You can no longer use the distraction of busy as a crutch. Busy is no longer your alibi.

We challenge you to live your life beyond busy. A daring and expressive life awaits when busy ends. Your mind is your biggest ally, resist the urge to endlessly occupy it with pointless interference, ignoring the essential element it needs to find ingenuity and motivation — space.

The risk is worth it. Trust in yourself. Live that lazy life.