Lazy AF Vibes

This is not our Mission Statement, Manifesto, or About Us.  This is our Vibe.  The moods and feels that dictate our actions and inactions.  The values and beliefs upon which LAF Goods was founded.

We believe in the value of time.

Life’s too short to waste time chasing mediocre bullshit because it satisfies a societal norm.

We believe busy is the distraction keeping you from living a ridiculously unique life.

Busy is safe.  Busy is a false sense of accomplishment.  Busy is an addiction.

We believe lazy has purpose.

Make space to think, play, relax, and be still.  Its healthy.  End the guilt associated with downtime and embrace a lazy-loving life.

We believe lazy must be earned.

Nothing in this world is free, even lazy.  Earn it.  Seek adventure.  Relentlessly create.  Get weird.  Do epic shit.  Recharge, and do it again.

We love robes.

Seriously.  When have you ever had a bad time while wearing a robe?

We represent the evolution and revolution of lazy.  Our goal is simple, elevate relaxation into an art of purpose while changing what it means to be lazy.  Big goals?  Yep.  A slight contradiction?  Absolutely.  

This is lazy redefined.  We are...

Lazy As Fuck